Singing Lessons

In addition to my work as a singer, I also devote myself intesively to educational work. As a member of the SMPV (Swiss Music Pedagogy Associaiton), I have been giving private lessons for several years. The mostly individual one-to-one tuition is aimed at motivated children, teenagers and adults in Lavaux Region or at the  Saanenland Music School. 

Who can take singing lessons?
Whether you are a beginner, an advanced, a young or a youngster, if you enjoy singing and discovering your own voice, the vocal lessons are for you. If you work in a vocal profession (teacher, actor,…), voice lessons can help you to use your voice more effectively and gently.

Content of a lesson

  • Body work (posture, breathing, recognition and release of unnecessary tension)
  • Vocal Technique (resonance, breathing balance, articulation …)
  • Work on a classical (opera, operetta, oratorio, song), musical, pop and yodel repertoire
  • Expression  and if necessary music theory (reading notes, fundamentals of harmony)

I would be pleased to give you more informations ! 

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